Thailand MTF Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty 

Sigmoid colon vaginoplasty is a specialist SRS method that converts the male genitals into a functionally deep female vagina. 

Our plastic surgeon have created treatments for sigmoid colon vaginoplasty that advance the state of the art through years of experience in the field of gender reassignment surgery. We can ensure an excellent functional depth and attractive appearance of the resulting vulva with this new method. 

Sigmoid colon vaginoplasty is a specialist SRS procedure that converts the penis and scrotum into a functional and aesthetically beautiful neovagina. It is now our normal practice for transsexual women who have a short penis length or who have had their penis circumcised. By inserting the patient’s colon graft into the vaginal wall, the preputial flap and scrotal skin can be efficiently used to construct an aesthetically beautiful and functional labia minora, labia majora, and vaginal opening while a colon transplant provides suitable depth. Our surgeon chooses the ideal portion of colon to produce a vagina with regular discharge. Because of the preparation and operation, our process produces a vagina with a light and natural odor comparable to any cis female. 

Advantages of Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty: Avoiding the artificial appearance of red colon mucosa that occurs in other colon vaginoplasty SRS procedures. 

The red tint of the colon mucosa at the lower half of the vaginal entrance is visible in many surgeons’ colon vaginoplasty SRS results. This, however, is not found in a natal female’s vagina. Our sigmoid colon vaginoplasty results in a naturally working and feeling vagina and tackles this problem by using a new design of the posterior flap utilized on the sides of the vaginal opening to disguise the junction between the colon and the skin flap and to mask the red hue. This gives the newly formed vulva a beautiful, natural appearance.   

Dilation and widening of the neovaginal aperture to allow for smoother intercourse 

One of the most notable benefits of our ground-breaking sigmoid colon vaginoplasty treatment is that its novel design allows for enlarged labia minora and broader neovaginal aperture, resulting in more comfortable sexual intercourse and dilatation. As a result, patients who undergo this procedure can have more enjoyable intercourse and less difficulty with dilatation. The average depth of a colon vaginoplasty vagina is 7 inches. 

Disadvantages of Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty: 

On the bikini line, there is a visible incisional scar. 

The procedure is quite complex and requires special measures and care to avoid infection and consequences. Patients, for example, will require bowel preparation and can only consume liquid food before and after the operation. 

Recovery time is longer as compared to other SRS procedures. 

Overweight patients should avoid this product. 

Criteria for Inclusion: 

Patients must meet the following requirements to undergo sigmoid colon vaginoplasty: 

You must be under 45 years old. 

Weight less than 70 kilos 

BMI less than 24