Scrotal skin grafting is a non-penile inversions SRS procedure that entails constructing a neovagina and its main sections with skin grafts from the penis and the scrotum.

The most prevalent approach at our clinic and recommended for the majority of SRS patients is scrotal skin graft and flap surgery. Skin graft and preputial flap are utilized in this technique to build a neovagina and its key components, which include the clitoral hood, clitoris, vestibule, urethra, and labia. The procedure normally takes 6-7 hours.

The neovagina is built from various sections of the existing genitalia using this approach. The freshly created neovagina is functioning and possesses erogenous sensitivity because most of its nerves and arteries are still intact. Furthermore, due to the careful material selection, the neovagina will be quite similar to that of a cisgender woman in terms of attractiveness, color, shape, arrangement, and size.

Scrotal Skin Grafting Technique Characteristics

The clitoral hood is made up of the penile skin and the dorsal prepuce flap, which is attached to the clitoris.
Clitoris: The clitoris is produced from the top of the glans penis, preserving the nerves that supply it. As a result, clitoris and labia become sensate.
The vulvar vestibule (the portion of the vulva between the labia minora) is made up of intact sensory nerves and arteries from the glans penis and a small strip of urethral mucosa.
Labia minora: The inner labia are constructed using a prepuce flap with intact sensory nerves. The labia minora is pink and can be stretched like other labia. It extends over the neo-clitoris, upper vulva, urethral aperture, and upper section of the vaginal opening.
Labia majora: The labia majora will be formed from the scrotal skin. The scrotal flap is tightened to resemble a young woman’s labia majora.
Vaginal wall: After constructing the labia majora, the remaining scrotal skin, perianal skin flap, and (sometimes) inverted penile skin flap will be used to construct the vaginal wall, which will have fully functional depth, elasticity, and natural color.
Vaginal wall: After creating the labia majora, the remaining scrotal skin, perianal skin flap, and (sometimes) inverted penile skin flap will be used to construct the vaginal wall, which will process fully functional depth, elasticity, and natural color.
The g-spot of neovagina is made up of the labia minora, clitoris, a portion of the urethral flap, and the prostatic capsule. This sensate organ complex generates an erogenous g-spot for the neovagina.


Patients with penis shorter than 4 inches, as well as those with longer penis, can have surgery.
Skin grafting results in an aesthetically attractive and natural-looking neovagina.
The neovaginal depth is sufficient for vaginal intercourse, with a usual depth of 5-6 inches.
Because it is a one-step treatment, most patients will not require a secondary labiaplasty.
The procedure is less time-consuming than a colon vaginoplasty.
Recovery time is reduced as compared to a colon vaginoplasty.

This method is really advanced.

Criteria for Inclusion:
Patients must meet the following conditions in order to undergo vaginoplasty utilizing the skin grafting technique:

You must be under the age of 60.
Have enough scrotal skin to generate a scrotal flap.


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