Replacement of outdated breast implants with fresh ones is the aim of breast implant revision surgery. While replacing the implant material, it is frequently also the intention to alter or enhance the breasts’ look, which could involve

a simultaneous breast reduction or lift
Repositioning the breast implant on the chest by reshaping the breast implant pocket
raising or lowering the breast implant’s size, shape, or style

Any of the following factors could be the driving force behind the desire to have breast implant revision surgery:

-desire to increase or decrease breast size
-Capsular contracture pain
-Concern over implant migration or rupture
-switching to silicone implants or using a different type of implant
-Breast implants and the breast tissue that covers them may vary in size or form over time, giving the breasts a look or feel that is less -appealing than the intended outcome. Additionally, even though the implant itself is often covered by a lifetime guarantee, after ten years the -costs of having surgery to repair the implants are no longer covered. As a result, many women decide to replace or upgrade their breast implants at or around the 10-year mark.

-Surgery to replace a breast implant is not a common or normal procedure.

Breast implant revision surgery must be specially customized to the patient’s goals and preferences because it is not a common or routine treatment. Therefore, this surgery should be carried out by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable about all types of breast surgery, has experience performing those procedures, will pay attention to the patient’s goals and desires, and who will create a surgical plan that is specifically tailored to address all of the issues at the time of surgery.